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Creating space for Black innovation to rebirth and thrive. In COMMUNITY.

Griggs College, 492 Vance. Historic landmark.

The Griggs project: Future home of BIL

Empowering Marginalized Tech Founders in the US South | Introducing the Black Innovation Lab

At Ascend Ventures Tech, we are committed to revolutionizing the entrepreneurial landscape and empowering marginalized tech founders. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Black Innovation Lab, situated on the historic Griggs College campus in Memphis, TN. Established in 1916 by the visionary Emma Williams Griggs, this college served as a beacon of opportunity for African Americans in the vibrant city of Memphis, standing tall as a pillar of the Vance Avenue community.

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“Venture capital has increasingly become the lifeblood of American entrepreneurship. And yet, of the record $161 billion in venture capital invested in the U.S. in 2020, single-digit percentages went to Black, Latinx or female entrepreneurs. Silicon Valley also keeps its pocketbooks close to home: More than half of the venture dollars invested in the U.S. last year went to California alone.”

— Marlize van Romburgh, Crunchbase News editor in chief

Black Female Startups

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Empowering Entrepreneurs Through a Comprehensive Approach | Black Innovation Lab

The Black Innovation Lab model transcends traditional support for founders. We are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs by offering a comprehensive approach that includes:

  1. Capital Investment: We provide essential funding to fuel the growth of innovative ventures.

  2. Mentorship and Collaborative Opportunities: Our experienced mentors offer guidance and foster collaborations to amplify success.

  3. Community Reinvestment: We believe in giving back to our community, reinvesting in the community in which we live through a community fund.

With a strong focus on hyper-local impact, we strive to cultivate a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in our community. Our mission is to equip aspiring innovators with the knowledge, resources, and connections necessary to transform their ideas into reality.

Join us at the Black Innovation Lab and be part of a transformative journey towards entrepreneurial excellence and community growth.

“Let a thousand innovations bloom...”
- Kimberly Bryant
Collective Equity

Collective equity is a powerful concept that demands equal distribution of resources, opportunities, and privileges in every society. It’s a principle that promotes justice and fairness for all members of a community, irrespective of their individual characteristics. At Ascend Ventures Tech and Black Innovation Lab, we are committed to embodying the spirit of collectivism by dismantling the systemic barriers and biases that obstruct certain communities from accessing the benefits of generational wealth.